using technology to further the kingdom of God



Thank you for visiting the Online Campus of Big Valley Grace! Whether you are just visiting, looking for deeper community, or are ready to take that next step in your journey of faith, our Online Campus exists to bring the ministry and mission of Big Valley Grace into the digital space.

What's an Online Campus?

Much like how our physical campuses offer location-specific opportunities, our Online Campus focuses on our digital-specific ministry efforts. Far more than simply a webpage or weekend live-stream, our Online Campus is a place where you can engage in the mission of Big Valley Grace, to “Love God, Love People, and Make Disciples.” Below you’ll find several ways to engage in our Online Campus under the headings of our 5 Core Values.


Join our live-streamed weekend worship (Sat 6pm | Sun 9&11am) or enjoy the gathering on-demand anytime mid-week.

These interactive notes are a great supplement to the weekend teaching. 

Bring a financial gift as worship to Jesus and in partnership to support all God is doing through BVG


Reach our Online Campus Pastor or online team directly by texting 833-577-1604 or emailing [email protected]


Let us know you’re here, how we can pray for you, and any next steps we can help you take!

Our Facebook Group is a great place to build community and get to know others who are part of BVG! 


Free access to the largest digital bible study library in the world!

Discussion questions based off the weekend message for personal reflection, family conversations, or small group study.

Get to know others, be known, and grow spiritually through an online small group!


Be a friendly & helpful presence for guests during the weekend live-streams!


Help during live-streams or anytime during the week!

If you share our passion for online ministry, this is for you! Bring ideas & let’s reach and care for people online!


If it is meaningful to you, good chance it is to someone you know, so use that digital sphere of influence! 

Invite your neighbors or someone you know over for church online!